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Some Words

Flow of abundance
by Ralph Marston

Let the world astonish you today with its goodness. Warm the whole of your being with gratitude for it all.
Abundance flows out from every situation, with every action, in every moment. Bursting from the smallest particles of experience, stretching across the grand expanses of all existence, abundance continues its flow.
Look beyond the little problems that flicker on the surface. With your awareness, dive into the vast reservoir of positive possibilities.
Jump joyfully and gratefully into the flow of abundance that is now. Let it come to you, let it come through you, and let it come from you.
Energize your life in this moment by seeing the new goodness that is possible. With that energy, bring the possibilities to life.
Live and act, think and feel as though you are the most fortunate person ever. As you do, you are.

© 2015 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at…

For those who love reading, Click on this link! Tons of group to browse through when reading is your muse!

Commissioned: "Frozen Skyrim"

"The Fate of One World Lies in the Destiny of Two."

:bulletred: KACHIMA
BID CM : Bloody Snow !!! by kachima CM : Elsa....?!! by kachimaSP CM : For the First Time by kachima

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XII by ronin-gh0st
CM : Onyx , The dark knight by kachimaCM : Onyx and Elsa by kachima CM : Elsa-Queen by kachima CM : Rise of the Guardian by kachima CM : Frozen Chained by kachima

Mature Content

PT: Elsa Dakimakura by kachima

Mature Content

My Commission: Jin_x_Ahkari by ronin-gh0st

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XIV by ronin-gh0st

:bulletred: HEDRICK-CS
Commission + Onyx and Elsa by Hedrick-CSCommission +  Elsa and Onyx by Hedrick-CSCommission + Chibi Onyx and Elsa by Hedrick-CS Commission + Onyx by Hedrick-CS Commission + Prince Hans and Ahna by Hedrick-CS

:bulletred: EVIL-IS-RELATIVE
Commission Frozen Skyrim by Evil-is-Relative

:bulletred: FANDIAS
Commission: Kharjo, Onyx, Serana by Fandias

:bulletred: SHANINEKO
Commission ronin-gh0st by ShaniNeko

:bulletred: Shonemitsu

Mature Content

My Commission: The Ebony Dragon by ronin-gh0st





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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a writer, obviously. I'm enamored by the literature art. Not the best and still trying to improve. I go on DA to get some pointers from fellow artists of the genre; I'm a firm believer that everyone has something to offer that can help me on my journey to be 'better'.

I'm a fanfic writer. A lot of my fiction involve "D.i.D." or something of the sort so if that's not something you like, please avert your eyes. If you do like it, then enjoy!

Once in a while I will also post pictures that I commissioned and use them for 'cover art' for my work. I have permission from the artists to repost their work and I take great lengths to credit them! They deserve the credit of course!

Also, for every favorite and every comment, I try to respond one way or the other. I believe in gratitude so I try and get on top of that. Luckily I don't have that much traffic in my page so I can actually do all of that!

I think that's about it... so with that said, talk to some of you soon, I suppose.

F: I Said Enough Stamp by randomkiwibirds Fus Ro Dah - Stamp by suzidragonlady No one for Elsa by DP-Stamps




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Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 8.30.13 PM by ronin-gh0st
My 'Winner' for the DC DiD poll was Raven. For the Video Game, I believe it was Lightning. Correct me, someone, if I am wrong. Unfortunately, I didn't think that I wouldn't be able to view my polls after core was done. Kind of lame, so I'll have to wait for the Marvel and Cinematic to come through. I'll definitely get the DC and Videogames going 'soon' here. :D 
Slower, less prettier page, and advertisment. DA really does make it a 'must' to have Core. One of these days when I have the funds, I guess. But other than that, Thank you :DestroXXIV for making it possible! 

Your Final Fantasy DiD? 

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Spider-Woman - Shifting Gears v1-001 by ronin-gh0st

I don't read comic books/graphic novels like I used to. The last one I read was Spider-Verse. And the last one before that was a piece of AvsX. I got burnt out with comic books when Fear itself came along. Marvel has been doing this event-after-event deal that eventually got too repetitive and stale to me. Too much focus on events and not enough on character developments. But despite me bowing out of the main storyline/s, I still kept tabs on the comic book world; I had my eyes on Jessica Drew. She is after all, "My Marvel Girlfriend". 

Time passed and we get Spider-Verse. Once again I am intrigued. I jumped right in and enjoyed it. BUT... after a major crossover event, we have another one: Secret Wars. The end all to be all, apparently. I feared the worse. And then I got even more scared when I heard and saw this: 

Spider-Woman - Shifting Gears v1-106 by ronin-gh0st

Yep. Spider-Woman was going to be a Mother.  My first thought? I was against it vehemently. Not Jessica Drew! That's my Marvel girlfriend! Literally, the first Marvel character I ever 'met'! She's the sexy vixen in a skin tight red outfit! The one so enticing in her chair tied cover!

SW6ColorVariant2 by ronin-gh0stSpider-Woman Vol 5 4 Textless by ronin-gh0st

This was My Spider-Woman. The First and the Best! No way! I was  furious when I found out about her pregnancy than I was with the whole Veranke idea! So.... I stayed away from the book. Besides, her new duds did not settle in well with me; or let's just say I was too enamored with her classic to even give her new one a shot. With all those in mind, the baby bump idea was not going to grow on me and I was not planning on reading the book anytime soon. But "soon" came and I caved in. I bought it. And funny enough, after all, the fussing, the huffing, the middle fingers to Marvel(okay, not that bad but I was pretty dissuaded), and after all the disdains I had to say, I really like the book. I like Jessica Drew as a mother. I thoroughly enjoyed her struggles during her 'maternity leave' and having to cope with being Spider-Woman while knocked up and was even more fascinated with her thoughts(both vocal and inward) about how HOW she was going to deal with it when the baby is finally born. How is it that I came to enjoy something as 'mundane' as that? Well, this part:

tumblr inline o9jpy2KKpr1uoc58j 540 by ronin-gh0st
One thing I will say is that Hopeless might have done an extensive amount of research with having a child or may have a child himself (didn't delve into his life that much; just read what Wiki provided. Tried his website, didn't work, so yeah). The page above, and the next few that follows after really really touches on plenty of newborn parents' fear. But let's backtrack a bit before I go into that. First off, I haven't gone into Jessica's life in her 'street-level' crime fighting with Porcupine and Urich so I'm not sure how much I am missing story wise. Seems not too much, but having her sidelined to 'coach' while Porcupine handles the rest, well, it's really funny. Then we get into the Marvel Universe getting involved with her maternity party (Nice, Stark: "Do you know who the father is?"), her alternate reality coffee moments with Gwen (those two have gotten close it seems; gone are Drew's abrasive tone with Gwen in Spider-Verse; then again, those days with the Inheritors were stressful moments so I can see why Drew was a bit harsher to the younger spider-gals), then her coping with NOT being superheroine... a right mixture of 'fictional' maternity moments to downright to the core of realistic duress of a pregnant woman. But things go a bit haywire when we get into the extra-terrestrial hospital.... 

I'm not sure if it was the art, or maybe I was just not feeling the ambiance, but that entire part felt out of place for a bit... but then as I get further into it, as I read more, I get the message: Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman, Spider-Woman is an Avenger, and Avengers do crazy sh*t. They literally reintroduced her readers' to the fact that Jessica Drew has done way more outlandish crap than the street level things she has been doing before and during her pregnancy. Then the appearance of Drew's long-time nemesis: 

Cbf44adf0174cb90aa6c4e09c31eef11 by ronin-gh0st

None other than the Skrulls. I have to say, while Drew mentioned how angry she still was with the whole Secret Invasion deal, the reunion between Spider-Woman and the Skrulls fell flat. Last time I really read anything about her emotions about Secret Invasion was during "Agent of SWORD" (erm... not Drew's finest moments) and I felt that the angst was right (though it was cool to hear the Skrull recognize her name and changed their tactics the moment they found out that they have a pregnant Spider-Woman in the hospital). But I suppose this was showing a time that she 'moved on' and a time to highlight her deal with having to deliver her baby in a black hole based space hospital. I won't get into the whole deal because again, lots of weird out of this world crap that sometimes felt out of place, but let me just say that ... Jessica Drew ain't messing around when it comes to protecting her bundle of joy. The delivery moment and the badassery moments after was the Jessica Drew I came to love. Badass Vixen going right into a fight after being stitched up (pumped up on some extraterrestrial pain deterrent, a few blasters, and some of her venom blasts and spider-SHIELD-HYDRA-training). 

Spider-Woman - Shifting Gears v1-085 by ronin-gh0st

Jumping right into her moments when the baby was born, it was really heart touching to hear some of her thoughts on how she can balance her life as Spider-Woman and as a mother. There were PLENTY of memorable dialogue between her and other key characters (Hawkeye, Porcupine, and Captain Marvel were my favorite ones), and there were plenty of key moments with her talking to herself about how her life is going to turn out now. Her fears amplified and again, the pages when She-Hulk and Hellcat visited her and she just spewed out fears from SIDS to shaking the baby, to lack of sleep... for anyone who knows about having a child, that is something one has to worry about and it really hits it off that this was not a superheroine comic book from here on out. It's going to be about a Super Heroine dealing with her life as a mother and having to continue on with her life as Spider-Woman; the Avenger and the protector of Earth. A not-so-normal-mom trying to jest with the idea that perhaps she could give her child a 'normal' life. As for the whole 'father' deal, meh, I suppose they can go somewhere with that in the future if they want. Though I wouldn't mind being the 'online guy' that scared the crap out of her. Ha! 

Nov150835 by ronin-gh0st

The art as I have mentioned fluctuates between awesome to 'wtf' for me. Don't get me wrong, it was good enough, but there were times that it was just silly. Some of the facial emotions were a bit off and Captain Marvel had no appeal to me drawn the way she was. Though Jess had her moments of 'girl don't make that face', she was still the same sexy, green-eyed, tempting, Spider-Woman I know (yes even with the bump). But there were far too many 'flat' areas in the book that just made me cringe; the emotions portrayed at some parts were questionable and I know it's all comic book art, but they went a bit overzealous on some portions of 'unrealism' and 'cartoony' then I would like. One of these days, I would love to see Choi and Finch take on Jessica... or Jim Lee even, but that is a possibility so slim that it stretches even the current Ms. Marvel and Reed's capability! But as for Jessica Drew, she looked good, had some sassy expressions, and not to mention, she had some badassery images. So I suppose as long as the main character was good, everything else was just background noise, I suppose. This part was something you just had to like or not. 

The most important part about this whole thing is that Jessica felt like she 'grew up'. Her thoughts, her stress, even her posture looked and felt 'motherly'; a young and 'brand new' motherly feel, that is. A shift in gears to say the least. All in all, I think this book was amazing and I want to keep following her throughout her adventures. I will honestly follow each volume and if the cover arts of particular issues are great, I'll buy them. For those who are opposed to her idea of motherhood and have not delved into this, try it out. If you still dislike the idea, then at least you tried. For those who knows her trials and tribulations throughout the trimester (without the crazy stuff that goes on in a Spider-Woman's life), then I think there are some things about this that will hit the spot. All in all, my girlfriend has grown up with me... and she is still sexy as she was before

A milf I'd say. Ha! 

"Major" Projects

What If: Maximum Carnage      
“Do you remember?” Of course she remembers. She remembers it everyday and it’s not because it is asked everyday, it’s because her memories serves her right—or for this case, it tortures her. “Today is a special day. Are you going to go out and play? Do you remember what today is supposed to represent?”
It’s a strange thing to hear a question as playful as that. In the life she has chosen to live, there is very little time for ‘play’ nor is any day considered special. Everyday is just as it is: a walking boredom, a repetition, and a predictable reoccurring event. To her, making it ‘special’ requires some work and she hardly has time for play; though there are moments when she seems to enjoy what she ends up doing.
“I know what today is,” she whispers, walking over to her shattered mirror, “today

-SpiderVerse: What If Maximum Carnage; the group of Spider-Women decide to seek out the last spider-totem of Earth-0214 in hopes that it can help turn the tide in their battle against the Inheritors. Unfortunately, the gals of the Spider-Army find themselves caught in the web of a sadistic, murderous, and hateful Maryjane Parker who is the current host of the Carnage Symbiote. Can they free themselves in time to find the spider-totem of this reality?

Spider-Verse: The Ones That We Keep
One line at a time.
Before he lets go of one, he connects another, ensuring that his momentum continues. Another cold night, and the freezing winds are only enhanced by the speed he gains swinging across the city. The lack of proper clothing for conditions such as this would definitely bother someone else but not him. He's used to the bitter cold feeling of the wind, to the blistering snow, through the rain, the humidity, scorching summer day, and even in the toughest storms, he is used to slinging himself across open air wearing the dark and skin tight clothing that he does. No weather condition hampers him down.
"Look ma, it's him!" a young boy down below shouts out as he points at the web slinger. "It's Spider-Man!"
“No, honey, that’s not him,” the mother responds, pulling her child closer to her as the shadow from the sky swings pass them. &

-Spiderverse: The ones that we keep; Spider-UK sends Spider-Gwen to a reality where a Peter Parker is engulfed in guilt. Thinking that this Spider-Man has a purpose for the Spider-Army, Spider-Gwen is reluctant to convince him that guilt, the ones that they keep are one and the same and brooding over them will only cause more pain. Unfortunately, this Peter Parker is too far gone for as simple talk. Even more unfortunate, in the shadows, an Inheritor prowls her prey.

X-Force: The Age of Archangel(Prologue)
Fatigue could have taken a hold of her a long time ago but perseverance is a stronger force that resides within Psylocke. As a member of the X-Men, Psylocke has endured a myriad of dangerous missions and now being part of the clandestine group known as The X-Force, the missions have gotten deadlier, bloodier, and far more brutal than the X-Men could handle. Secrecy had always been part of the X-Force methods and for the most part, Psylocke adheres to the idea for the simple fact that the majority of her X-Men teammates would not be able to stomach the amount of blood she and the X-Force had spilled. Though at this current moment, Betsy has a slight ambiguity to the X-Force code of secrecy. Being held captive for unknown amount of hours does a lot towards someone’s point of view and for someone with will as strong as Betsy, it’s no different. Perhaps if someone else knew about her mission aside from Wolverine, perhaps back up wo

-Age of Archangel; The 'what if/fan depiction' of the Second run of Wolverine's X-Force. Four new faces for the Horsemen of Death; a strong willed Ninja facing an enemy that holds the face of her former lover; what if there was a point where it was too late and Archangel chooses his bride for his 'coming of age'?

Final Fantasy/Dissidia: Restrain Her(Prologue)
“It’s called the calm lands for a reason, Rikku,” Yuna states as wraps the rope one more time around Rikku’s wrist, eliciting a squeal from her cousin. “So let’s learn to just calm down a bit!”
"Uunnunnn!!!” Rikku replies back as best as she can. “Nm hulmh!!"
Looking over her shoulder, Rikku can still see the determined expression on her cousin’s eyes as Yuna continues to bind her. Clenching her fists and twisting her hands, Rikku can definitely feel that former Summoner knows her rope work, obvious by how helpless Rikku feels and of course obvious by the lack of freedom her fellow captive have gained. Tifa Lockheart remains as she is, bound and with a matching gag that forces her to be as muted as Rikku.
“If you quit struggling so much I could have been done!”
As Yuna calls again, Rikku finally gets the nudge she needed! The cloth over her mouth

Restrain Her; A request from a fellow Deviant to make use of a commissioned art he put out. Another 'what if' of the Dissidia realm where a family member takes it upon herself to make sure that her cousin is far and away from harm. Though her methods may prove to be a bit out of the norm and proceeding with her plan entangles another fellow Chosen of Cosmos in the whole ordeal. Starring: Yuna, Rikku, and Tifa.

Elsa: A Queen's Endeavor(Prologue) 
 The piece of paper lies on the corner of her nightstand by her bed, ominously reminding her of this day and the business that she needs to attend to. Her bed lies on the other side of her spacious room, but with the weight the message carries, it always feels like the paper is within her hands and her eyes are still deciphering every word written on it. Part of her feels like she should never have broken the seal and opened the rolled up paper, but as the Queen of Arendelle, there will always be things she has to do despite her feelings against it. This particular task is one of those things and what’s even more encumbering about it is that it involves her dealing with the aftermath of a certain event not too long ago. Elsa truly wished that she would never have to delve into the past again, but that’s just the child in her imploring miracles to happen. But the Kingdom of Arendelle needs their Queen now and a chil
Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen (Prologue)
I am Dragonborn.  Dovahkiin. Legendary hero of Skyrim. Dragon in human form. The ultimate Dragon slayer. It’s not all the time that I have those ceremonial names accompanying my reputation. More often than not the people of Skyrim fear or loathe my existence, until of course I save them from some dire situation that usually involves something gargantuan like the beast I am chasing right now. The people of Morthal didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms but they thanked their gods I was there the moment they spotted this frost dragon descend towards their pathetic excuse for a town. Part of me truly wished I had allowed it to snatch one of the guards, but I suppose even I have some kind of grace still dwelling inside of me.
But even the remaining grace I have left is dwindling with every interaction I have with the friendly folks of Skyrim. Still, I do it for redemption…
I shook that thought of

-The Dragonborn and the Snow Queen. An unorthodox pair that shouldn't be in the same realm together but find themselves in such a predicament. Where do they go from there without causing more damage to each other's sanity?

"Minor" Projects of 2016

-Skyrim Chronicles: Dragon Kin (Started)

-Skyrim Chronicles: Ma'Roken (DONE 1/25)

-Cyrodiil Chronicles: Champion of Kvatch

-OC: Summer Vacation(Started)

-Skyrim Chronicles: Avarice

-Street Fighter: Interrogation II (Done 7/30)

-Prologue Spider-Women: Edge of the Spider-Verse (Done 3/5)

-Prologue Spider-Woman: Edge of the Spider-Verse
(Done 3/13)

-Prologue Prologue Spider-Woman and Empowered

-Spider-Woman: What is

-Kaitlin's Front Page

-Scarlet Witch: Vengeance

-Skyrim Chronicles: Anjiri

-Skyrim Chronicles: Calm Before The Storm (DONE 5/3)

-What If: Maximum Carnage (DONE 2/16)

-Supergirl: Power


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