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Some Words

Flow of abundance
by Ralph Marston

Let the world astonish you today with its goodness. Warm the whole of your being with gratitude for it all.
Abundance flows out from every situation, with every action, in every moment. Bursting from the smallest particles of experience, stretching across the grand expanses of all existence, abundance continues its flow.
Look beyond the little problems that flicker on the surface. With your awareness, dive into the vast reservoir of positive possibilities.
Jump joyfully and gratefully into the flow of abundance that is now. Let it come to you, let it come through you, and let it come from you.
Energize your life in this moment by seeing the new goodness that is possible. With that energy, bring the possibilities to life.
Live and act, think and feel as though you are the most fortunate person ever. As you do, you are.

© 2015 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at…

For those who love reading, Click on this link! Tons of group to browse through when reading is your muse!

Commissioned: "Frozen Skyrim"

"The Fate of One World Lies in the Destiny of Two."

:bulletred: KACHIMA
BID CM : Bloody Snow !!! by kachima CM : Elsa....?!! by kachima SP CM : For the First Time by kachima

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XII by ronin-gh0st
CM : Onyx , The dark knight by kachima CM : Onyx and Elsa by kachima CM : Elsa-Queen by kachima CM : Rise of the Guardian by kachima CM : Frozen Chained by kachima

Mature Content

PT: Elsa Dakimakura by kachima

Mature Content

My Commission: Jin_x_Ahkari by ronin-gh0st

Mature Content

My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XIV by ronin-gh0st

:bulletred: HEDRICK-CS
Commission + Onyx and Elsa by Hedrick-CS Commission +  Elsa and Onyx by Hedrick-CS Commission + Chibi Onyx and Elsa by Hedrick-CS Commission + Onyx by Hedrick-CS Commission + Prince Hans and Ahna by Hedrick-CS

:bulletred: Shonemitsu

Mature Content

My Commission: The Ebony Dragon by ronin-gh0st

Mature Content

My Commission: Ebony and Blood by ronin-gh0st

:bulletred: EVIL-IS-RELATIVE
Commission Frozen Skyrim by Evil-is-Relative

:bulletred: FANDIAS
Commission: Kharjo, Onyx, Serana by Fandias

:bulletred: SHANINEKO
Commission ronin-gh0st by ShaniNeko





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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a writer, obviously. I'm enamored by the literature art. Not the best and still trying to improve. I go on DA to get some pointers from fellow artists of the genre; I'm a firm believer that everyone has something to offer that can help me on my journey to be 'better'.

I'm a fanfic writer. A lot of my fiction involve "D.i.D." or something of the sort so if that's not something you like, please avert your eyes. If you do like it, then enjoy!

Once in a while I will also post pictures that I commissioned and use them for 'cover art' for my work. I have permission from the artists to repost their work and I take great lengths to credit them! They deserve the credit of course!

Also, for every favorite and every comment, I try to respond one way or the other. I believe in gratitude so I try and get on top of that. Luckily I don't have that much traffic in my page so I can actually do all of that!

I think that's about it... so with that said, talk to some of you soon, I suppose.

F: I Said Enough Stamp by randomkiwibirds Fus Ro Dah - Stamp by suzidragonlady No one for Elsa by DP-Stamps




I DiD it. I created the Disney DiD poll and I feel... so freaking evil for tainting something so... innocent and childhood related for me. I'm so going to hell... surrounded by Demonesses in distress, bound to a pole, struggling against their bonds as they watch me face my judgment in the form of Mephisto asking for One More Day.

Listen up here's a story, about a freaking guy who lives in a blue world. And all day and all night everything he sees is blue like him, inside and outside...
Two Topics

1.) For those who voted (or like Rikku), you guys really didn't like "Zero Suit/Machina Maw" Dressphere, eh? Looks like I'm slashing that out of the DiDressphere theme.

2.) Thank you for everyone who put suggestions on Raven. I feel like I'm just going with a 'safe bet' and work with someone I already know. Again, I'm not that big of a fan of Raven to spend that much time searching. 

Speaking of, Phase I is almost done. :D And Phase II will be on its last poll soon here. I'm going to start closing some polls out. 
Help me find a DiD artist available for the DC DiD poll winner: Raven. I have a budget in mind, but I would like to see my options. To be honest, out of all the Phase I winners, she is the one I am drawing a blank; I only have the 'look' I want, that's it. Please help, Fellow DiD fans! 

Disney DiD -All grown up to legal age, mind you- (Tying the knot is a must for a Story Book Ending) 

4 deviants said Rapunzel?
2 deviants said Megara?
2 deviants said Esmeralda?
2 deviants said Pocahontas?
2 deviants said Elsa(WHY WOULDN'T I PUT HER)?
1 deviant said GoGo?
1 deviant said Kida?
1 deviant said Honey Lemon?
1 deviant said Mulan?
No deviants said Vidia?

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(Review) Spider-Women

Tue Jan 10, 2017, 3:55 PM
Spider-Women 2016 Crossover by ronin-gh0st

I've had this graphic novel for a long while now. I have been reading it off and on and aside from life being what it is: life, there are many reasons as to why it took me so long to get to it. I will admit right now that it didn't draw me in as well as Shifting Gears did. Yes, it took me a while to get to that Spider-Woman series, but at least that one I wanted to get to it more often than not. I wanted to know what was happening with Jessica and her situation. I wanted to know why the heck she was in space and why she chose that out of all places to give labor. I wanted to know how she was going to deal with skrulls. I wanted to read about her reaction to becoming and being a mother. I wanted to see her interactions with everyone else! So many things about that series that Spider-Women didn't do for me. So why is that? 

Story: It is a post Spiderverse event dedicated to the main three women of the Spider-army. What starts out as just a friendly outing between Jessica, Gwen, and Cindy, turns out to be a nightmare, leaving both Jessica and Cindy stuck in Earth-65 when Gwen's device to travel between worlds was stolen. Turns out, there are bigger and nastier things that come out of Gwen's device being stolen. We meet the Earth-65 version of Cindy, a sadistic evil version who is all about gaining power--who, as you guessed it, the one responsible for the whole evil plot AND the one inadvertently responsible for Gwen becoming "Spider-Woman" of her world. We also meet Jessica's Earth-65 version, who happens to be "Jesse Drew", Evil Cindy's henchmen and guinea pig(unknown to him). Reed Richards of Earth-65 is just a kid but just as smart as the Reed we have met in other alternate realities. And this is also the first time I learned that "Starkbucks" exists.... Stark still being corporate and most likely an ass! Beyond that, Evil Cindy just wants power so she goes to Earh-616(you guessed it, using Gwen's stolen device to jump between reality) and uses some apparatus to 'steal' tech from 616's most advanced weaponry and powers. Some side plots for future events are poked at(like Gwen losing her powers), but all in all, the plot wasn't as thick as I would hope it was going to be.

Jessica vs Jesse by ronin-gh0st
We also get this nice scene. Jessica vs Jesse! 

Characters: One thing I will say I really like about this is that they are consistent with Jessica Drew's growth and newfound role. She is still trying to balance her life as a Superheroine and as a Mother, and since she is the most experienced of the wall-crawling gals, she took it upon herself to be the role model, the guru; after all, she is the one who came before. I like how they really set things apart between their age difference and the maturity difference is there. But that's not to say that Jess doesn't have her own quirks and moments of 'fun'; she is still sarcastic, innovative, and just down right blunt, but one can definitely tell the difference in comfort zone between her and the other Spider-gals; the maturity definitely sets them apart. Given that I am a Jessica Drew fan, it was inevitable that I was going to enjoy her; partner that in with the fact that they kept her in a more mature and 'parental' mindset definitely made me enjoy her role in this arc even more. 

Speaking of maturity, we have the two younger Spider-Gals, Gwen and Cindy. Gwen reminds me too much of Parker's teenage days but in a different situation. She is fighting for the idea of being normal and being a Spider-Woman. At the end of this arc, Gwen gets a dilemma that reminds me so much of one of Spider-Man's conflicts. It feels like she has been done too many times; like she is a repeated character. Cindy is... annoying. She was a fun character being all intoxicated with Peter, but when she is by herself, she is just a kid. She is angsty, unpredictable, and just dumb at times. I like her evil side better. The dynamic between the three is something I enjoyed for the sake of hearing Jessica admonishing the two. The useless bickering between Gwen and Cindy took away from the flesh of the story and honestly, they did it a little too many times for my own liking.

Cindy-65 by ronin-gh0st
 We don't actually get an action figure; variant cover

The protagonist, the Evil-Cindy had some good qualities about her. Her gadget seemed to function with stolen projection of other villains and heroes of Jessica and Cindy(616 Cindy)'s reality. She posed enough threat with her nefarious schemes, her gadgets, her organization(where Jesse Drew comes from; yes, MALE version of Jessica Drew), and her skills. She didn't wow or awe, but she took enough of the stage to make her somewhat likable. She felt generic, honestly, but she's a Cindy I adore more than our version. We also meet Reed of Gwen's world, we hear about Starbucks, and as I already mentioned, we meet Jesse Drew. The cast is so-so. Again, my scope was on Jessica and Gwen until Gwen just bored me. 

Artwork: It fluctuated and I hate that. One moment it's just yuck, and then we turn the next and it's mediocre, and then we get some awesome pics. I don't know why they do that and I honestly don't like it. Still, it had enough awesome art to make me tolerate it. What I liked, I liked, what I hated, I REALLY hated. Not really much else to say but that. 

Spider Women and Reed by ronin-gh0st
My favorite artwork inside

Overall: It didn't wow me but it did give me enough Jessica Drew moments to enjoy it. Like I said, it took me so long to finish it because it felt like a drag at times. If I was to give it a grading system, I'd put it on 6/10. I expected better, but it honestly felt like a really run-down story of the Spider-Verse. Like it was just squeezing the last ounce of the story arc and just giving us more reason to be in Gwen's world. In fact, this major story arc affects Gwen in the end; it felt more like a plot mover for her. I don't think it affects Jessica a lot; if I was to assume, Cindy is probably a little jarred but not as much as Gwen. Don't really know what else to say. Read it if you are a big fan of Spider-Gwen; it just felt like a Spider-Gwen story with some guest stars.

My Frozen Skyrim Project

"The Fate of One World Lies in the Destiny of Two"

This is where it all began! What started out as a normal day for two distant strangers, becomes a grand and twisted quest that will push the two to their limits.
Elsa: A Queen's Endeavor(Prologue) 
 The piece of paper lies on the corner of her nightstand by her bed, ominously reminding her of this day and the business that she needs to attend to. Her bed lies on the other side of her spacious room, but with the weight the message carries, it always feels like the paper is within her hands and her eyes are still deciphering every word written on it. Part of her feels like she should never have broken the seal and opened the rolled up paper, but as the Queen of Arendelle, there will always be things she has to do despite her feelings against it. This particular task is one of those things and what’s even more encumbering about it is that it involves her dealing with the aftermath of a certain event not too long ago. Elsa truly wished that she would never have to delve into the past again, but that’s just the child in her imploring miracles to happen. But the Kingdom of Arendelle needs their Queen now and a chil
Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen (Prologue)
I am Dragonborn.  Dovahkiin. Legendary hero of Skyrim. Dragon in human form. The ultimate Dragon slayer. It’s not all the time that I have those ceremonial names accompanying my reputation. More often than not the people of Skyrim fear or loathe my existence, until of course I save them from some dire situation that usually involves something gargantuan like the beast I am chasing right now. The people of Morthal didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms but they thanked their gods I was there the moment they spotted this frost dragon descend towards their pathetic excuse for a town. Part of me truly wished I had allowed it to snatch one of the guards, but I suppose even I have some kind of grace still dwelling inside of me.
But even the remaining grace I have left is dwindling with every interaction I have with the friendly folks of Skyrim. Still, I do it for redemption…
I shook that thought of

:bulletred:Latest Chapters::bulletred:
The Latest installments!
Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen XI
Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. “Go forth, Dragonborn and tend to your own!”
Felldir the Old. “Your tale has yet to find its end. We will ensure to buy you time!”
Hakon One-Eye. “They will feel the bite of my axe!”
The three legendary Dragonslayers did not hesitate as my Thu’um brought their spirit back from Soverngarde. They lived as warriors and died as heroes, and now after their living days, they stand by me to fight my battles when I need an axe or an extra blade. They have no fear. They are a testament to what Nords are capable of as warriors. And I will need them if Elsa is going to survive this. As I hold her in my arms, cradling her limp body, I take another moment to glance at her. Clearly by that agonized look on her face that she is suffering tremendously. She strikes me as a person who has never experience any kind of mortal wound, let alone, anything that resembles an in
Elsa ch. XI: The Beggar Prince
 Hans thought it was an insane idea to walk through the storm. He wanted to protest but his opinions are small compared to the people who surround him. The feeling of inferiority is elaborated when Miraak uttered more foreign words that clear enough of the storm to create a path for them to trek through. At first, Hans was unsure if it was safe—safe for him, that is. For Ahna, Lurrgham, Fenalf, and Thiera, of course, it’s safe. They practically waited for less than a second to enter the storm after Miraak shouted his incantations; they know it’s safe. They know power. Even the few individuals garbed in robes (individuals whom Hans didn’t bother to know their names) walked through the pacified storm without hesitation. Hans had to think twice before even taking his first step. Though his reluctance caused him to fall behind the crowd so his last few steps had an urgency to avoid the possible consequences.

:bulletred:Oneshots & AUs::bulletred:
These stories may or may not be part of the "head"canon of the crossover; nonetheless, they have some flesh from the main story.
Frozen Skyrim (one shot): It's -Cold- Out There
Elsa: I really cannot stay.
Onyx: Elsa, it's dangerous out there.
Elsa: I have to get home.
Onyx: Skyrim is dangerous as you know,
Elsa: My stay has been...
Onyx: And I can't gurantee I can protect you.
Elsa: ... educational to say the least. 
Onyx: Just wait until night time, and I can hold your hand.
Elsa: My sister is starting worry. 
Onyx: It's daylight, what's the hurry? 
Elsa: Gerda and Kai are pacing the floor. 
Onyx: Listen to the dragons' roar. 
Elsa: I cannot imagine you do not know a way to make us scurry. 
Onyx: Please don't rush this. 
Elsa: Fine, just one more drink, and I demand we go. 
Onyx: That's more like it. Calm yourself while I pour. 
Elsa: Those Elves might think...
Onyx: Those are Thalmors. 
Elsa: ... what is in this drink? 
Frozen Skyrim (one shot): Can't Let Me Go I
“We only have each other,” words echoing, causing Elsa to stir in her sleep, “it’s just you and me…” the words are familiar, though the person saying them isn’t the same. In fact, it’s an eerie thought but the voice sounds like hers.
“Who?” Elsa mumbles as she brushes off the cobwebs from her deep sleep. “Who is… it?” only silence replies. Silence and the eerie feeling that Elsa is sure that she heard the voice—her voice.  “It was just a dream,” she tells herself as she slides herself off the bed, planting her bare feet on the cold wooden floor,  “this place is getting to me, that much has been obvious.”
Elsa lost track of the time she has been in Skyrim. With so many things happening, counting the days has become a frivolous task and so she merely focu

:bulletred:Infos and Cuts::bulletred:
Some things you can read about to get a feel of what is going on and what changes from 'in-game' canon to my fanficiton/crossover project.
Skyrim Chronicles: Timeline
I decided to do this just for the sake of trying to 'make' sense of my not so chronological order for something I call "Skyrim Chronicles". I will most likely add and edit this as I write more stories. BUT... for those who wanted to know the whens and what nots, here we are! 
(A whole lot of things happen before here and I will carve it out as I find time. Let's just say, Onyx banishes Alduin around this time)
Skyrim Chronicles: Ma'Roken I -A few months after banishing Alduin, Onyx meets a young Khajiit that changes his perspective on life  in a monumental way. 
Skyrim Chronicles: Anjiri - Onyx meets a young girl that he takes under his wing. 
(Somewhere here is when the events in Dawnguard happens)

Skyrim Chronicles: Avarice -Serana and Onyx sets some grounds to their relationship. 
Frozen Skyrim: Cut I
--- Elsa Ch. VII: With Great Power ---
Being dragged across the sea isn’t exactly the best way to travel; nor is it a grand idea to be forced to travel in such a fashion. To her relief, her captor did take a few moments to allow her to get air by rising to the surface before submerging. This person—definitely not human from the feel of its scaly arms and claws digging into her—it knows how to tread through the waters with speed.
“Onyx!” she remembered calling out to him but yelling through water was detrimental.
Calling to him already?” someone responded or was it her imagination? “Have you deemed him to be worthy to be your knight in shining armor? The one you would call to when you are in a bind?”
If the voice in her head, the visions, and the doppelganger in the mirror were just figments of her imagination then
Frozen Skyrim: Certain Differences
No, this isn't a chapter, I apologize for those who are disappointed. This is more or less to perhaps answer a few certain questions a few of my readers may have. Though before I get into that, as always, thank you very much for those who are reading and going above that and scrutinize my work. All of your words and support have been inspirational and I have definitely been using certain insights to help me carve out the chapters as I go along. So with all that, thank you very much
So, moving on to Onyx and his world:
Thu'um/Dragon shouts: That damn compass replenishment in the game was annoying, wasn't it? There were items to help decrease the wait, but still, it was still a bothersome. I understand why it was done. Having the Dragonborn have an unlimited amount of Dragonshouts at his disposal on the whim would be ... too unfair; not that one can't have an Over powered character, obviously that is the case as it is with some of our Do

"Minor" Projects of 2017

-Skyrim Chronicles: Dragon Kin (Started)

-Final Fantasy Dissidia(AU): Restrain her (Started)

-Spiderverse: The Ones that we Keep (Started)

-X-Force: The Age of Archangel (Started)

-Spiderverse: [What if]Maximum Carnage (Started)

-Cyrodiil Chronicles: Champion of Kvatch

-OC: Summer Vacation(Started)

-Skyrim Chronicles: Avarice

-Prologue Spider-Woman and Empowered

-Amalgam: Spider-Woman vs Supergirl

-Kaitlin's Front Page

-Scarlet Witch: Vengeance

-Skyrim Chronicles: Anjiri

-Supergirl: Power

-Gwenpool: Selfie Quest(LOOK I MADE IT IN HERE! Wonder when is this going to get done though.... then again, when was the last time this guy finished a minor project?)

-Final Fantasy: A Realm Rebuked


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